Starting on the correct note

It’s been two years, nearly 3, since my dad passed on. He had suffered from Dementia for the last few years of his life.

We shared a passion for photography and art. He found lots of joy in the photos I used to send him and though he got to a point that doing it himself got too confusing, he enjoyed seeing beautiful images.

He used to love doing pencil sketches in his early years. I remember a sketch of a cute puppy he made for my mom. It still comes up in my mind every now and then. He did it long before I was born and still it made a impact on me.

I love creating portraits, maybe it started with this image my dad made or maybe all the others he drew around that time. It could be because we loved watching people, making up stories in the car, while eating ice-cream, about what they where doing or saying.

This translated into watching birds and animals interact, making little mental notes as we explored regions. We never lived in a big city, we tried to get into nature as much as possible, be it playing at the beach, walking or taking a holiday in far off regions with very little people around.

This shaped me into who I am today. I still love to be out of the main hustle of life. I love to observe. I love to create. My tools are a camera and a Wacom pen with Photoshop. I enjoy creating portraits of any type.

My wife and my son are my joy, my inspiration and trusted critics.


4 thoughts on “Starting on the correct note

  1. Dearest brother so proud of you and dad will be too. Yes his influence in us was unbelievable. He as well was very a talented artistic man. I was fortunate to get some informal training from him as kid. My fondest memory was how to draw a rabbit.He is dearly missed indeed.

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    1. Yes for sure, he had a great sense of responsibility. He was always interested in phycology too and a fantastic ear to talk to and bounce ideas or problems off. Love for God, family and nature, all invaluable as markers to our own lives. We miss his laughter and special personality.


  2. One of the most talented people I have ever met! You bring so much joy and leave fond memories wherever you go, be it through conversations or via a moment you captured forever doing what you love! Wel gedaan meneer!


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