A Digital Painting

I truly love doing these. I originally started exploring oil paints and did a few. My first love had always been photography, a link back to my father who inspired that, and a love for nature. Mom is a real people person, that’s her thing, she can spend an easy 30 minutes to an hour with anyone she wants to. So when I phone her, I need to make sure my battery is charged…LOL!

Some of that did rub off on me too. People, in general, are interesting to me, I love to watch them and figure out what’s going on with them. This may be why I chose to focus on portraits, composites, and digital paintings. I want to create a story from an image by whatever means that works. I can do this with any of the 3 options.

In a digital painting a take a photo from one medium add a few elements going through composite and deliver something that culminates in a painted format. I do not use anything else but Photoshop mixer brushes. I create a color scheme and work on trying to create the best painting I can within the framework I decided on.

I do box photo sessions with schools, especially now in this covid-19 era. I realized that it gives me great subjects to use for paintings and composites too.

Here are two paintings I did this month:

The Flower girl

Taking a break in nature

Introducing “In the Box”

I have been loving the look and the potential of photos created with boxes. It can be used to create unique family photos or celebrate an occasion, make a statement, like masked in the box or celebrate a birthday.

I built my first box a couple of weeks ago. To test the box and the light needed, I decided to create a series celebrating my son’s 7th birthday. This included things a grade 1 student is all about now such as maths, reading books but also enjoying his dog and soft toys.

In a couple of weeks the box with have its road trip, I did build it to be taken apart for this purpose. We will do a school class photo session. I cannot wait.

Under the African Sky

My son loves animals, including his soft toys. He grew up watching wildlife out the vehicle as we do regular visits to National Parks here in South Africa.

The closest park to us, Addo Elephant National Park, is near our doorstep and we do a few trips to it every year, including staying in the camps for a few days.

I will share many more photos from our trips in future, but this one is all about a composite I did of my son and his Elephant. He tells them stories until he falls asleep and in the morning he shares new stories with us about what they did.

Here is “Under the African Sky”.

“Stories under the African Sky”