A Digital Painting

I truly love doing these. I originally started exploring oil paints and did a few. My first love had always been photography, a link back to my father who inspired that, and a love for nature. Mom is a real people person, that’s her thing, she can spend an easy 30 minutes to an hour with anyone she wants to. So when I phone her, I need to make sure my battery is charged…LOL!

Some of that did rub off on me too. People, in general, are interesting to me, I love to watch them and figure out what’s going on with them. This may be why I chose to focus on portraits, composites, and digital paintings. I want to create a story from an image by whatever means that works. I can do this with any of the 3 options.

In a digital painting a take a photo from one medium add a few elements going through composite and deliver something that culminates in a painted format. I do not use anything else but Photoshop mixer brushes. I create a color scheme and work on trying to create the best painting I can within the framework I decided on.

I do box photo sessions with schools, especially now in this covid-19 era. I realized that it gives me great subjects to use for paintings and composites too.

Here are two paintings I did this month:

The Flower girl

Taking a break in nature